Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Homekeeper's Journal 3/1/2011

Spring Time Changes

In my kitchen this week...My husband Robin has been perfected a recipe for chinese dumplings and also a chinese flavored soup. It's all very yummy! The next time he makes them I'll copy down the recipes and share! I am always only too happy to get right out of his way! :) He even did some barbequing!

Changes I make to my home in spring...I can open up our sunroom and get a bigger house out of it! I love to open the windows and air out the house too!

Changes in my schedule...My energy level goes up and I start cleaning out and spring cleaning. Mainers come out of hiding so there's more time with friends. My homeschool friends meet at the local playground. The kids play and the moms visit. I can't wait! On a particularly warm spring day, I might cash in on those "snow days" we didn't take!

Changes in my yard...Flowers bloom (phlox, daffodils, tulips. Hostas peek out of the ground, the tall phlox peeks out, rhubarb and oregano and mint grows in), I plant my annuals the end of May and even a few veggies. Of course the grass comes up and we get raking and cleaning outside.

What I look forward to this spring...I am looking forward to the ice being gone from my roof so that it no longer leaks into the house, for things to be green again outside, and just the fresh air. I also look forward to being outside more. I also look forward to going to the beach!

Spring brings with it...Longer days!

A sure sign of spring...The peepers peeping, the birds singing!

A favorite spring activity...Family time at the beach, friend time at the park. :)

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  1. I love this journal! It has been sometime since I have been to your blog, I suppose way back when I was on the Christian HOmemaking board more often. (Prayingmom here)

    We open our dining room doors when it is warm enough and really enjoy our screeded in porch. It does make the house seem larger!

  2. Thank you Lecia!! I am glad you're here! :)


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