Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Simple Woman's Daybook June Edition

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Outside my is raining a lot...which is a good thing so we can have great beach weather later!

I am thinking...about my walk with God and how I hope my intimacy with God would grow in a mighty way!

I am thankful...that God is in every part of my life and that he takes control of even my desires when I allow him to and fill myself up with his truth.

In the kitchen...stromboli has just come out of the oven for lunch.

I am a graduation party later.

I am wondering...when I'll be able to get our dossier sent out...Central America bound!

I am reading...I am waiting for "The Hole in Our Gospel" to arrive! I can't wait to start reading...hopefully Monday!

I am stay content and full of praise and focused on God during our whole adoption process.

I am looking forward first born son coming home on Tuesday!! WOOT!

I am speak Spanish...very slowly...

Around the house...we are cleaning and decluttering (never ending!) and getting ready for our home visit from our adoption case worker.

One of my favorite things...the new Sidewalk Prophets CD, "Live Like That!" There's not a bad song on it and the lyrics are AMAZING!!

A few plans for the rest of the vacation!!!!


  1. Love that song! Have a wonderful vacation :)

  2. We're going on vacation too! I hope you have a great time, enjoy the CD and the time with your son!

    Here's my post:


  3. Exciting time for you with the adoption. I'd love to adopt (we have 4 homemade), but I need my husbands heart to be softened toward it first. :)

    Have fun on your family vacation!

  4. What you're thankful for is precious.
    Nice to read your daybook:)

  5. Decluttering seems to be my lot in life...where does it all come from? Congratulations on your adoption..what a blessing.


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