Sunday, July 8, 2012


I'm taking a little break this weekend from adoption paperwork, shopping and packing. I needed to step back a little from the intensity of it all and there's not much that can be done until my husband meets with our lawyer. There's been a lot of added "hoops to jump through" and we want to confirm we are hearing correctly before I put on my jumping tennies! 

Yesterday our church was in our town parade for "Old Home Days". Rachel and I went to watch and take pictures. Christian walked with our church float. 

Our worship band sings on the float. Christian enjoyed walking and singing to the awesome tunes. :) 

I love going to the parade because you always find lots of friends to visit with!

Last night we went to the fireworks and I completely forgot to take pictures! We had a great time with friends, both the ones we went with and the ones we found there! I got to reconnect with some friends I haven't seen in a long time and that was an added blessing!

In adoption news...

I got to Skype with my kids on Friday!! They stole my surprise there! It's one thing to pine over a picture, but getting to see them live and move and smile and make faces and shout off and on in perfectly practiced English: "I love you Mama!!..." Priceless...precious... Oh how I wish I could speak fluent Spanish! The language barrier is HUGE. Perhaps God knows we need baby steps and we're not ready for long conversations... They seemed very interested in their new brother and sister as they made faces and laughed together. Another great attraction was our dog, Dash! I can't wait for them to meet their other big brother, Tyler. (Unfortunately it is too early to show pictures. This is a culture that really values discretion and so in respect we wait. )

My husband is pulling off a pretty major "Superman" routine of working in the wee hours of the morning, then spending the day with the kids, then home to finish up any work and update me on their day. When the orphanage makes him leave for a couple hours for lunch, he tries to run errands and take care of any needed business for our adoption. I'm tempted to wonder how long he can keep up the pace but I have to pray and trust God to sustain him! 

One blessing from God is our driver, Fruto. He sees himself as way more than a driver. He sticks with Robin the whole day, translating and helping with the kids and showing my husband where to eat, and taking him on errands and advising him. Really, so much would be impossible without this loving new friend. Robin is even able to read the Bible to the kids while Fruto translates. And the kids already knew him; another blessing!

Everyday it seems there is some obstacle to overcome. If I were to take my eyes off of Jesus there are days and moments that I might be tempted to despair. But Jesus carries me along by grace. Four kids who need a mommy to tuck them in and give them snuggles and tell them of Jesus makes it all worthwhile!

Today will be another day in my break. Time for church, for resting and maybe even a walk on the beach. Then tomorrow, game face back on!! 

"He who calls you is faithful and He will do it." 1 Thess. 5:24


  1. We are praying for you and robin and all those little children too!.... Run the race to obtain the imperishable prize....!!!

    1. Thank you, Kelly, that is very encouraging to me. :)

  2. Perhaps, it is because He does not take His eyes off from you...? Love reading about your journey!

    1. Yes, Lisa, I think you are right!! :)


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