Saturday, June 25, 2011

Homeschool Curriculum 2011/2012

(Seems like I should show a picture of books for this post but I much prefer flowers!)

This year I am homeschooling an 8th grader (Rachel) and a 9th grader (Christian). To help me keep track of their lesson plans, grades, and transcripts this year I purchased Homeschool Tracker . I have a friend who has been using it that is helping me set it up since reading a manual doesn't really work for me very easily! ;) I am so thankful for her!!

Here's our picks for this year...

For Bible, History, Geography, and Literature:
Tapestry of Grace Year One (Ancient History from Creation to the fall of Western Rome)

We add Greek Study to our Bible with:
Hey Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek (We're midway through level 6.)

**I chose this as it is History and a thorough Bible Survey all in one. They have done it once before when Rachel was in 4th grade and Christian was in 5th. This will be our last trip through Ancient History!

For Algebra 1 (Rachel) and Geometry (Christian):
Teaching Textbooks

**I have been told that Teaching Textbooks is not as advanced as other curriculums such as Saxon and Mathusee. And that may be true. But it works for us and it is something I can understand and teach from and we are very happy with it and the level of Math the kids have achieved.

General Science (Rachel) and Physical Science (Christian)

**Many curriculums such as Sonlight and My Father's World start a 7th Grader on General Science. I did this with my oldest and it put us in Physics his Junior Year (Although I could have chosen Human Anatomy). Since none of my kids have shown interest in studying Science as a college major, it is unnecessary to struggle through Chemistry and Physics so early. So I decided to start Apologia General Science in 8th grade to delay Chemistry until the Junior year after they have completed Algebra 2. 

The Institute for Excellence in Writing (Continuation B Level)

**This was probably my most valuable find in my 13 years homeschooling! I have used it for six years. 

Grammar Ace (I bought the Instructors Manual as well.)

**This will be a brush up course. 

Other Random Language Arts
SAT Prep with The Official SAT Study Guide

**They'll take the PSAT the fall of their Sophomore year.

***I've got a lot of Language Arts up there but the way I work the credits is: 1 credit for Literature and 1 credit for Grammar/Composition for my High School student this year. 

Physical Education
They'll do their own personal work-outs. Christian can count High School Soccer. 

Fine Arts
They both play various instruments so they work independently learning new music.

We may work on branching out in subsequent years. This year we'll spend time working in areas of interest and perhaps seek to form more interest driven subjects for subsequent years. :) For this year in particular, Rachel would like to spend some time research clothing styles of the era, as well as trying her hand at homemade makeup and perfume of the era. We'll see... :) We'll start a foreign language (probably French) next year. 


  1. Ooh - exciting stuff! I love seeing what everyone else is using, especially as a newbie!

    I just received the bulk of our curriculum in Thursday and I am having a blast working on my lesson plans.


  2. Chelsea, I also love seeing what everyone is doing for curriculum!! I love school papers in general!!

    Thanks for visiting! :)

  3. Karen,

    Thank-you, for letting me see what works for you, AND your kids. I'm only familiar with one program - A.C.E. This was helpful!

  4. Karen,
    Loving your plan! Grace wants a Forensic Science course this year, so I am putting one together for her. (Yikes!) She also wants American Sign Language - another one I'm gonna have to put together. She did IEW's Continuation Course C last year, and wants to be a writer (possibly), so we are praying about the One Year Adventure Novel. She'll finish up MUS Geometry and then I'm not sure what she'll do (not mathy at all!). We're also considering Heart of Wisdom's study on Wisdom (which I could possibly combine with Jonathan - but that's a longshot!) I can't think of anything else right now. For Jonathan, I'm at a loss as to what to do, which is probably right where the Lord wants me to be.

  5. Hi CC! It's so awesome that Grace has areas of study that interest her. Sure makes things easier for us moms!! :) It's funny how what works for one child never works for the other!! I have 3 kids and 3 opposites. How is that even possible??
    Great to hear from you!:)

  6. BTW - I love reading your blog! Wishing we lived closer.

  7. Thanks, CC! I wish we lived closer too!! :(


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