Monday, April 20, 2015

Beware of Fan Girl

In my "normal state" I am NOT a fan girl. I'm not one to stand in line and collect autographs at a concert. I stay far away from book signings. I'm not great at talking to people I don't know (unless they are extroverted chatterboxes...I love those people...they keep the world spinning for the rest of us!).

But I have just purchased a ticket on a little dream and I have a plan to be a roll...

Together For Adoption Conference

Let me tell you...there are some people I am hoping and praying will be there!! They've written their adoption journeys in the form of blogs! I've read some of them as a book, from the beginning to the end! That's not easy! Blogs are set up in reverse with most recent posts first. So you have to be dedicated to a lot of clicking to start at the beginning and keep your spot! 

I am hoping the following will be there, cause I feel like I know them even though they have NO IDEA who I am (These are linked if you would like to visit!):

Andrea from Babe of My Heart and Wiphan .

Gwen and Suzanne from 147 Million Orphans . Gwen ( Oatsvall Team ) and Suzanne ( The Journey ).


Author Kim de Blecourt who wrote of her adoption in the book: Until We All Come Home . (Spoiler, I already know she'll be there!)

Now I don't know if she (3 she's) goes to such things but I would love to see:

Kristin at Spread More Love

Jean from There's No Place Like Home 

Laurel from A New Journey of Faith 

Then those who I would love to say to: "Your journey challenges me to go deeper into what is God's best for me" would be:

Tina from Kacirek Family

Lovelyn at Moments with Love

Carolyn from Project Hopeful

Megan from Blessed with a Burden and author of Miracle on Voodoo Mountain

She likely won't be there but:

Katie Davis, author of Kisses from Katie

There's more, people, more!! I can't wait!! I NEEEEED this!! I need to renew my calling. I need to be soaked in it! 

To top it all off, my firstborn and his wife to be will be married and living about 15ish minutes from the conference so I can crash at their house and get some visiting in!! Cancel Mother's Day and my birthday and my Christmas present!! I've got all I want this year!! 


  1. Girl... your blogspot on adoption is likely as good as anything else anyone would have to say!


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