Saturday, November 19, 2011

I Love Saturdays!

I made my first ever Evergreen Wreath today!! It just needs a bow. I need to get some ribbon, maybe tomorrow. I am very excited because wreaths can be a bit expensive and I live in the middle of a pine forest so it's silly to spend the money! I don't know why I thought it would be hard. How did I learn?? On Youtube of course!! You can find out how to do just about anything on there. :) 

It was as easy as cutting down branches...

Gathering bunches in my hand, tall in the back and short up front...

And using wire to attach them to a frame. I bought 2 frames at the craft store during a sale. I think I am going to pine garland next and maybe a pine cone wreath. I have a never ending supply of pine cones too, of course.

I love Saturdays. It tends to be a quiet day at home. I love to watch some home improvement shows, get some stuff done around the house, and spend some time on hobbies. I love to have family times watching movies or having a campfire.

Especially this time of year, when it gets cold and dark early, I have to work harder to convince myself to leave the house. I could easily go "reclusive." :) That would not be good though...balance, balance..

"The fear of the LORD leads to life; then one rests content, untouched by trouble." Proverbs 19:23


  1. Dear Karen,

    Congratulations! You did a fabulous job! Your wreath is so pretty!I remember the first time I made a wreath...I was so nervous. My husband usually made ours...and for some reason I thought they were really difficult to make! Now I make them every year...I've even sold some on etsy and at Christmas craft fairs! I have found that one of the cheapest places to get the wire rings is either a hardware store or Renys. I buy all my ribbon after Christmas and save it for the next year (much much cheaper that way!)

    I agree...Saturdays are wonderful! Today was crisp and sunny...just the way I like it!

    Have a blessed evening,

  2. Thanks for the tips on supplies, Laura!! :) Yes, today's weather WAS perfect, I agree! :) :)
    Have a wonderful Sunday,

  3. Beautiful wreath! Are the berries real?

  4. HI Marg!! Yes, the berries are real! They were falling off while I was trying to place them so I am hoping they stay! :)

  5. The berries just don't like to be 'moved' ~ they'll stay on now as long as you aren't shaking them :) I want to make some garland ~ do you have a link that shows how to make that?

  6. Laurie, Good to know...thanks. I don't have a link yet. I'll let you know what I find!! :)


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