Monday, February 21, 2011

My Brain!

Wordle: brainMy wordle picture describes how my brain organizes information. Scary, huh? That's just a fraction of what's up there. I tried to do a wordle with more of what's on my mind but the print was so small you couldn't make heads or tails of it which I guess is more!! Yeah, I am pretty random but over the years I have learned to reign myself in. :) 

Here is our "Family Calendar". I put all our activities and plans here so everyone can see what is happening. Honestly, I might possibly be the only person who looks at this regularly but it is our "Central Command"! It is right on the end of our kitchen cupboards. 

Forgive the blurriness but this is our little grocery list that is on the frig. This is my family's opportunity to let me know about the food item they either finish up or noticed was gone. :)  They'd prefer to tell me and I have to remind them that if it's not written it doesn't exist! ;) 

I have wanted this "Mom Planner" for YEARS and I finally got one this year. :) I keep it in my purse (yes, my purse is LARGE!). It has all our activities and plans in it. That way, when I am out and about, I will HOPEFULLY consult it before I say "yes" to any plans.

You can write your menus on the left and a grocery list on the right in the blue margins. They also tear away. I am not crazy about the grocery list area as it's too small but love the spot for menus. It also has a place for random notes. Love it!! 

This is my bill notebook. It has folders in it for each month. You can write your bills down in it but I don't because then it would only last one year. I just tuck the bills in each month's folder and I have a copy of my budget in there too. It works. It keeps things all together so I don't lose anything. 

I take this journal to Bible Studies/Fellowship Groups and Ministry meetings. It has ministry notes and prayer requests. This way its all at least in one place. I love being able to look back on prayer requests and see how they were answered. I always have one of these. I actually have another I didn't show here that I keep sermon notes in. 
Another blurry pic. But this is my little index card flippy thing that I write the Bible verses I am memorizing on. I am trying to memorize 24 verses this year. I'll just keep it as many years as it lasts. It'll be fun to look back on. :) 

Here is where I put all my Teacher's Manuals for Homeschooling. I also keep my bill notebook in here. Basically this demonstrates how I keep just about everything. Most of my life is in a basket, box or other such container! I spent the first 30 years of my life hunting for stuff the last 15 years putting things in containers so I wouldn't lose them! haha! If I ever have to sell this house and move, it'll be really easy since most of the stuff it technically packed anyway!! 

Now I know people are going to see this stuff and think I am an organized person but really all that stuff had to exist so I could be functional!! It's taken a looong time to get here and I have lots more to learn and do in the area of organization! If I were ever to become a packrat I'd be buried in short order! But if I can't keep track of it, it's GONE! ;)

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