Saturday, December 14, 2013

Why Love Jesus??

Why do I love Jesus? I was asked this question recently...I could fill VOLUMES, absolute VOLUMES...and at Christmas time when I am celebrating Jesus' birth I cannot help but ponder the many reasons. I pray that I spend the rest of my life listing the reasons...

Jesus paid a great price in coming to Earth. It was a huge sacrifice.

Jesus is God. He was in Heaven, all honor was His, and for Him all things were created. He had all the riches of Heaven, all the comfort of Heaven, all the joy of Heaven. And He left it...

To live on Earth as a weakness and in poverty. A babe in an animal's feeding trough was His beginning. His parents took Him and fled to Egypt so He would not be slaughter...the King of Kings and Lord of Lords on the run from those so much weaker than Who He truly is. Throughout His life, He not only would have had the hurts, illnesses and day to day problems we all suffer, but in His ministry years He was often mocked and hated. 

33 years He lived here on Earth to secure my adoption. This is what I have thought about over the past 2+ years. I went to Nicaragua for 5 1/2 months to secure the adoption of my youngest 4 children. There was many hardships in that time. But 33 years?? Leaving heaven for 33 years? It's an amazing sacrifice whose weight I never understood until I left my own homeland. (And my homeland isn't near as wonderful as Heaven, obviously!)

Finally, Jesus died a horrible, torturous, humiliating death on a cross. Then He rose, forever demonstrating His power over death.

If Jesus never did another thing for me, this would be enough!! So many people struggle with anger toward God for the suffering they are enduring in this life. They forget the suffering Christ endured here on Earth so that their Eternity could be in Heaven. 

Why do I love Jesus?? Why on Earth would I not??

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