Wednesday, June 12, 2013

BULLET Point!!

            6 of my 7 kids! 

I'm dusting off my blog today! It's been awhile. Each day rolls quickly into the next. It's not that I haven't had ideas for writing. It's just that the time to write and the mental energy to write have not hit as the same time in awhile. :) An update post is in order...

  • Christian got his driver's license! The only one happier than him is me! ;) This kid never stops. He's full of plans (like talking his dad into starting a Futsol Rec League this past spring). Now he can not only help us with driving but get himself to his "movin' and shakin' plans"!
  • Rachel got past a dental surgery, getting rid of 4 stubborn baby teeth that were pretty attached to staying in her mouth! We're glad that's over! She's in the process of designing her bedroom as she has decided to move out of the girls' room (4 girls, one bedroom) and into what used to be mine and her dad's bedroom. We had moved to the sun room to provide her with a "quiet room". She's decided to make the "quiet room" her bedroom. It's quite a bit smaller, but her own space. She a quiet reflector so sharing a bedroom with 3 active girls doesn't allow for much of that!
  • Our 4 littles? Not to lump them together as they are individuals for sure but their experience of being adopted, moving to a new country, and learning a new language allows for a "group update!" Their English had a big burst and they are able to be conversational with others outside the family now! This is a huge blessing and I am seeing little friendships develop! I am also hearing new dreams for the future pop up. In Nicaragua, when we would ask what they would like to do when they grow up they each would say, "be in the army." Period. No other plan. Now, of course I love our military! But isn't it a bit concerning that they didn't have other ideas AT ALL?? Now that they have been home awhile we are hearing: "I want to go to Africa", or "I want to *drive* an airplane", or "I want to fish for lobsters" (Fransua is in love with Maine lobster!), or "I want to be a dancing girl!" It's just neat to hear dreams soar! I'd like to think dreams are emerging as a new hopeful future is seen as a definite reality!
  • Tyler comes home next week from college to spend his birthday week with us!!  It was SO HARD not to have him home last year on his birthday! I just can't wait to give him a "Momma hug!" He'll spend his summer working for his college and interning at his church. I love where his life is, but I sure do miss him!!!
  • Papa Bear has been busy painting Rachel's bedroom inside, setting up raised gardens outside, being a elder and youth leader at church, and keeping up with the rest of the family taking the kids swimming and fishing etc. etc. etc...
  • And me? Well, being a wife and mom of 7 does keep me happily busy! I take time out to meet with some awesome friends weekly for Bible Study. I am praying about being able to spend more time on Youth Ministry for the fall. Meanwhile my heart is restlessly burdened for the poor, the oppressed, the orphan... I know our job right now is to stabilize our family. So I keep praying, not wanting to miss opportunities for more that God would want me to do... I heard this song yesterday and it speaks to where I am...

"If there's a road I should walk help me find it,
If I need to be still give me peace for the moment, 
Whatever Your will, whatever Your will, 
Can you help me find it, Can you help me find it..." 
~Sidewalk Prophets

For now I am doing the last thing I believe God led me to do until He makes clear what I am to add. I am drawn toward learning more Spanish and want to work harder that that goal. Stay tuned!! ;)

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