Tuesday, December 18, 2012

They Wait Too

When others think of us waiting for our adoption to be complete, for us to return to the United States, it's easy to think of those of our family who have BEEN and LIVED in the United States feeling the bulk of the *waiting*.

But it's not so...

The children we are adopting...they wait too. They wait for what they have hoped for to finally happen. They grow nervous that it's taking an awfully long time. They wonder if they are ever going to get to live in the United States. They need the security of being far, far away from anyone that might decide to pick them up and take them away.

They're waiting too. 

"I'll be your Mama forever. I am your last Mama," I say quite often.

"Papa and I prayed and asked God, 'where are our children?' And he brought us here. I came to Nicaragua only for you and your brother and your sisters," I said to my little girl just the other day, the same day I helped that brother spell "T.w.o.m.b.l.y." after his name in his composition book. 

As a family growing, building, becoming one, we wait together.

Today is our court date. Tomorrow the government shuts down for Christmas. Normally the sentence is handed down 3 days later which would be 3 days after the gov't opens back up which would give us the sentence on January 10th.

We pray the judge's heart is moved with compassion as he sees us waiting. We pray he will do the extra work to give us our sentence today so that the beginning of the end of our waiting will be today. I pray that if it isn't so we will still be able to rejoice and be thankful for another step behind us. 

I pray we will wait well...and together.

"Let all that I am wait quietly before God, for my hope is in Him." Psalm 62:5


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