Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Give a Bible, Buy a Bible

My husband has gotten to know quite a few people as he goes back and forth to the market about every other day. I am content to be the one to stay home with the kids. For the life of me, no matter how much Spanish my littles teach me, I can't understand a word when adults talk to me. 

If you've met my husband though, you already know he is maybe in the top 5 for friendliest people on the planet. He has no trouble communicating, even in Spanish (Okay maybe a little trouble at times but he keeps trying. The funny thing is he finds every person who can speak in English because at some point in the conversation they'll say, "Do you speak English? Could you just talk in English please?" Cracks me up every time it happens!)

ANYWAY, he keeps a Spanish Bible and reads between Spanish and English and learns more Spanish this way. (Trust me, this is leading to a story I find kind of cool. I hope you do too! *wink*) One day he was in the store and got talking to the butcher about his church and such and somehow it was determined that someone he worked with needed a Bible but couldn't buy one. So Robin offered to bring his Spanish Bible to fill this need. 

When he went a couple of days later to deliver the Bible, the man was not in the store. So, Robin went to a man nearby that he knows and we buy our water and stove gas from to ask him to deliver it later. He agreed.

We bought another Spanish Bible.

Later while speaking with the same butcher, he shared that his church needed Bibles so Robin again went to deliver a Bible and again the man was not at work and again the same nearby man made the delivery for Robin.

We bought another Spanish Bible.

A week or so later, the man who delivered the Bible said that he wished he had a Bible but could not afford one. (We felt terrible that we asked him to deliver a Bible, not once but twice, and he himself wanted one badly but we didn't know.) He makes just under $10 a week (U.S. Dollars) and Bibles cost $16 (U.S. Dollars). So, Robin said he had a Spanish Bible and would bring it to this man. And he did.

Now here is the part I find cool. It was time to buy another Bible. BUT the store he buys it from was closed every time he tried. It was a little frustrating. Well, our local church here sells Bibles and since it was open when Robin was walking to the market, he stopped and bought the only one they had left. It happened to be in larger print. 

I think he had it less than a week. He stopped in to ask for water to be delivered (they'll deliver at no cost) and the same man said that his mother wished she had a Bible, BUT SHE NEEDED ONE IN LARGE PRINT!!! Seriously, HOW COOL IS THAT??!! 

So, yesterday he delivered the water and picked up his mother's Bible!! 

Time to buy another Bible. I wonder who needs it? 

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