Friday, December 28, 2012

Allow Me to Introduce...

When we went to court, the judge said we would not get the sentence in writing until Jan. 7th. So let me tell you about yesterday morning...

Just around 8 a.m., our friend calls and says, "Martha (our lawyer) is trying to call you with excellent news and can't get through!!" He called my cell phone and our lawyer was calling Robin's. We check Robin's phone and it's dead as a door nail!! That's okay, we'll call her on mine! Nope, no minutes!! CHARGE THAT PHONE!!! So Robin's charging the phone, I am yelling advice while trying to keep the bacon from burning since we had previously started breakfast. Robin is trying over and over to turn on his phone while it charges to no avail. Finally, after about 15 minutes, Martha gets through!!

She says, "The judge has delivered your sentence!" 

I yell to the kids, "Mirar!! Mirar!! Mirar!!!" as I run to our adoption checklist and cross out: "Final Judge"! The jubilation begins, some of us celebrating and some of us blank faced and trying to figure out what just happened!! 

Let me introduce you to: 
Crisia (Cree-see-a (a as in father))
Ivon (like "Yvonne")
Eva (like "Ava")

In our picture you see across the top: me, Christian (16), husband Robin
and across the bottom: Rachel (14), Eva (6), Fransua (9), Crisia (8), Ivon (7) and Tyler (19). 

The day before this good news we were feeling low. Rachel and Christian were feeling like they couldn't live in Nicaragua one more day. I had lost hope and didn't know WHEN we would ever leave. I was worried the judge wouldn't sign right away when the gov't opened. My husband was down and wondering why God seemed silent. It was just one of those days! 

But God's movement is not reliant on us always feeling the "right way". I thank Him for His grace and mercy to us!! 

So what's next? 

Today we get birth certificates, deliver final paperwork to be translated, fill out more paperwork.

Next week, we started getting Passports, a doctor's appt. for the kids, preparing to get VISA. 

The following week it should all come together: Doctor's test results in and the VISAS.

And then: WE.GO.HOME.

"If we are faithless, He remains faithful for He cannot deny Himself." 2 Timothy 2:13


  1. Awesome! Congratulations to you all and safe travels home.

  2. WOWZAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!! HORRAY!!!!!!! I've been waiting for this post and am SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!!! Yeah!! Praying that all the other things that need to be in place happen quickly and that you will be boarding a plane VERY soon to come HOME!!!


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