Monday, August 6, 2012

Are 1000 Words Worth a Picture?

        I seriously never knew what a growing pineapple looked like! Did you?

One week from today (Yeah, I'm spilling the beans 'cause I can't stand it!!) I will be on my way to Nicaragua!!! I can't wait for us all to be together! My only wish is that I could steal away my oldest son from college and take him with us!! But hopefully he will get to visit while we are there! 

I also wish I could share pictures of our kids but it is best to wait. Instead I'll share a little about them...

They love the beach and being in the water, they love the park, they love bouncy houses...

They love going to the market with Papa, picking out food, and getting bubble gum for the walk home (a pack of bubble gum is about 4 cents in U.S. dollars).

They love pineapple (thus the picture above) and many other fruits, cereal, scrambled eggs, chicken, rice and beans, broccoli, and popcorn. All four of them are not impressed at all with green beans! 

They love playing in the big wash tub that is the Nicaraguan washing machine (wash board + wash tub = washing machine). The younger two love to GET IN THE wash tub! All four love to pour water over each other's head and love being the one receiving the water over the head! They love squirt guns. The girls love washing their dolls' clothing on the wash board. Our son loves to wash his action figure! 

The girls love their dolls, our son loves soccer (His favorite team is F.C. Barcelona; he has great taste!), they all love nerf guns and beyblades. 

They love to laugh! 

They are EARLY risers (look out, my teenagers!!).

They love electronics of all kinds: tv and phones and IPODS and laptops! They love to talk on the phone. Our oldest daughter of our 3 girls loves to listen to Chris August on Papa's phone. 

They are very patient with our attempts at Spanish, sometimes giggling and sometimes saying politely: "Repeato, por favor?" 

They love to sing. They sing "Father Abraham" in English. The sound of the words "many sons" cracked them up for some reason. For days they called my husband "Many Sons" and cracked up laughing every time! 

As far as coming to the United States, they are most excited about SNOW! They also love seeing our little Shih Tzu when we skype so that will be a big treat too. 

I can't wait to be a part of the fun (and the chaos!)! I can't wait to STOP being the MYSTERY Mama! I know it's hard for them to understand when I will be there. I am thankful we have date and they can now count down... I am praying for a miraculous ability to speak Spanish! But mostly, I just want to hug them and be their Mama and enjoy family time!!

Psalm 68:6 says: "He sets the lonely in families." 

For months I prayed that God would do some "setting" into "my family". I am so thankful He has!! 


  1. WooHoo!!!! Praising God that all things are working out.

  2. I'm so excited for you!!! My husband and I will be praying for you and your family. How exciting to finally have a date!! ~Rachel

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    1. Your profile has no info about you. Therefore I'll need you to direct your question to me here.


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