Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Season's Blessings...

I've come by for a short "hello." :) I am so happy with the warmer weather for so many reasons. One is the fruits and veggies that come with the season. 

Speaking of fruit, let me just share that here is how I love my fruit:

Yup, just the fruit all lovely and juicy and sweet and yummy all by itself...

Here is how my husband likes his fruit:
Here is his fruit with onions in a chutney then mixed in...
curried chicken salad with grapes...

Unfortunately for him, I do most of the cooking. :) Fortunately for me, he likes to cook his own creations! :) 

The other thing I love about this time of year is the flowers. When the going gets tough the tough go to the...
GREENHOUSE!! I have to be so careful...I could easily be addicted to flowers...
Yeah, like that...
and that...beautiful...


  1. Dear Karen,

    Oh, I just love it when the berries come in! I've got quite a few strawberries on my plants this year...and, of course, can't wait for those Maine blueberries! We absolutely love fresh fruit here...especially in the summer! This year I hope to can loads and loads of peaches...we visited an amish general store last fall up in Unity that had quite a bit of produce at fairly good prices.

    Hope you all made out alright in yesterday's storm. Seems so funny to be in a "tornado watch"...that hardly ever happens here! that's another story! I was so happy to see the sun today!

    Have a blessed evening,

  2. Those storms seemed to pass around me! :)

    Enjoy your berries!! My strawberries (I only have a few) didn't come up for some reason but I have blackberry bushes. :) We mainly go to a local farmer to pick fruit...yum!!

    Thanks so visiting!

  3. I meant thanks FOR visiting!! OY!! :)


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