Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Homekeeper's Journal 5/31/11

This Journal is all about summer. If you would like to join in, visit The Christian Homekeeper and dive right in! 

During the summer...My kitchen heats right up and the thermostat is in there just so I can see it climb! ;) The middle of the floor is busy too as we slam the cooler down on it to fill it for the beach or park. The frig and freezer see the most action. The stove gets more of a rest.

One of my favorite things about summer is...Being off from school, hanging out with the ones I love (family, friends...), more daylight. We Mainers tend to be bears in the winter; it's not a full hibernation but it's pretty close! ;) So, once the warm weather starts we all streeetch and start to come out of our caves!

One of the summer things I could do without...Well, how about 2? Black flies/Mosquitos and humidity...blick...(which is why I love dragon flies and air conditioners and the beach). I also hate stinging wasps and hornets...not sure what to do about those.

A planned summer or take it as it comes...Yes. Plans happen that aren't my design but effect me and I take them as they come! haha! My kids plan missions trips, family comes, soccer happens and I roll with it! In the middle of that I get us to the beach, the park, the farms to pick berries...all the while trying to bring friends with us. :) 

Summer meals consist of...Corn on the cob weekly, more fresh veggies, fresh fruits (especially berries), bbq-ed meats, more sandwiches (we're not normally a family that gravitates toward sandwiches).

The last thing on my mind during summer is...Winter! :) I love winter when it comes but love to drink up each season and it's individual blessings! :) 

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