Friday, August 5, 2011

Work Boxes ~ Homeschool Organization

I have been thinking about how we will organize our homeschool subjects this year (if for no other reason than that it is easier emotionally than thinking about moving our son 17+ hours away for college!). Last year each student had a milk crate for their notebooks and workbook-ish things and then books were kept on our shelf. It worked pretty good, better than my ideas for other years, but still that milk crate could quickly turn into *the abyss*. The previous year each student had a shelf on the bookshelf but the slant of notebooks hid small books. Each year I am trying to cure the problem of losing materials! 

I have been looking at and thinking through work boxes. This post from the Heart of Wisdom blog shows a great picture of one interpretation of work boxes. They are normally used for younger children (remember I have an 8th grader and 9th grader) but I have been thinking about utilizing it for my older kids.

Here's one example of what I could buy:

I would try to get drawers big enough to fit the book and notebook in each drawer, one drawer for each class. Since we homeschool with *Real Books* or *Literature Style*, they would simply put the next book in their drawer when the current book is finished. (Once we're done with a book it goes on a shelf that is upstairs). 

Another interpretation I thought of was this: 

This idea would still keep things separated but at the same time very viewable. AND it wouldn't take up space on the floor but would utilize bookshelf space. At this moment I am favoring this idea. It would be inexpensive and not a great loss if I changed my mind for the following school year! ;) I tend to try a different method each year, but who knows, I may be onto something this year! 

I'd love to hear other ideas and see what you are doing this year to organize your homeschool! If it's on your blog, feel free to leave the link in the comments section!!

I know many (especially those *down south*) have started or are starting on Monday. We aren't starting until September 5th so there's still some time to think this all over! :)


  1. I am trying to figure out how I am going to organize all the kids' papers this year as well. The drawer idea is pretty good, I may have to look into something like that.

  2. Jen, I hope it works for you!! It's definitely a help to have a place all that stuff can go right into or it because a huge pile o'papers and a huge job!! :)


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