Tuesday, September 4, 2012

More of our Nicaraguan House~Life in Nica Part 3

We have warm/hot showers here depending on the moment. See that electrical outlet above the shower head? That is how we get hot water! A little scary right?? We have 3 bathrooms with 3 showers, all looking the same. There are 3 settings, cold in the middle, warm on one side, hot on the other. Shut the water off before you change the temp, please. In one of our showers I didn't do that and got a little shock changing the temperature. I don't use THAT shower very often, mostly because the water never gets very warm and on some days not warm at all.

Here is the truck of our beloved driver, Fruto. It is the "Fruto-mobile". It is suppose to seat 5, including the driver. For us, it seats 9! There's a layer of big people in the seat and then 4 littles sitting on big people laps. A totally "no-no" in America, but in Nicaragua only the driver is required to wear a seat belt. 

This is the famous "washing machine" that I couldn't show you for so long because I was attempting "denial." I think it should be called "The Wack-a-back". It doesn't take long for your back to feel whacked while using it!! ;) Now it is retired to washing my bathroom rug and acting as a "swimming pool" for my littles since we have a washing machine that does the washing all by itself. Yes, the children sit IN it. They also fill these pitchers and happily throw water on each other! 
There's two clothes lines that run the length of my patio. It's the best place to hang clothes since the roof covers the clothes when it rains. It often takes awhile for the clothes to dry since the air tends to be moist. So I try to get one load hung early and so I can hopefully get a second load up before night fall. Eight people create a lot of laundry!! 

This is the back "wall" in the kids' TV room. No wall, just bars. Attached to this room is another that could be a bedroom and then a bathroom. But I think of critters coming in at night so we close it off to the rest of the house at night. In the morning I timidly open the door and peek in to see if anything came in. When the "coast is clear" I open the door all the way. Has anything ever come in? Not that I know of, but in my opinion you can't be too careful!!! 

I wonder what my home in Maine will feel like when I get home. I am so used to my house being very open to the outside. I wonder if my Maine home will feel stuffy? Maybe I'll be wanting to open windows all winter...

"He who fears the Lord has a secure fortress, and for his children it will be a refuge." Proverbs 14:26


  1. Love hearing about your Nicaraguan adventure! Yes, washing clothes by hand whacks your back no matter what kind of "washing machine" you have. Don't know how they survived it in the old days. Keep posting, continuing to pray for your successful completion of the adoption.

  2. Thank you so much, especially for praying!! :)


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