Tuesday, January 18, 2011

She Won 1rst Place!

Rachel has won her first fictional writing contest (first one judged by adults and published authors anyway). :) It was from: "Go Teen Writers" http://goteenwriters.blogspot.com/p/2011-contest-winners.html . There were two first place winners and she is one of them! This is quite an honor since she is not quite a teenager yet.

If you would like to congratulate her, please visit her personal blog: http://www.girlzofaith.blogspot.com/ and leave her a comment. She would get quite a kick out of that!

This is her first real encouragement to her fictional writing. She has been writing devotionals for the Christian Homekeeper Website for a few months now. You can see her devotional writings here:
http://christianhomekeeper.org/blog/category/heart-to-hand/ . The first three articles on the list are hers (the rest are mine) and she adds one each month.

Forgive my shameless sharing. :) It's just very exciting to see your children get to do what they love to do. Then to get positive feedback is a double blessing! :) Congratulations Rachel!!


  1. Congratulations to her. She must be so excited!

  2. Jen: Yes, she is very excited as she didn't expect to place!! :)


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