Monday, January 17, 2011

A "Catch-Up" Day

Today was a great catch up day. It was much needed and I am so very thankful for it. Robin and the boys left in the morning to get Tyler's College I.D. (yes, I said COLLEGE...I am still processing this...but I digress) and to go to see "Tron." Rachel and I stayed home for a cozy, quiet day.

It was a good chance to get caught up on laundry, clean the kitchen, and go over my lesson plans. In between chores I could rest and read and even watch a few cake decorating shows. I even got to give my blog a fresh look (in case you didn't notice) and catch up on some reading. :) I am well into the book "Praying God's Word" now. It's going to be life changing, I can just tell! I am sure I will share more at another time about it. Suffice to say, I am purposely taking the book slowly. It's really not one that can be taken in quickly. I have to process it and pull out that which directly applies to me at this point in life. I am sure I'll go back to that book again and again.

Everyone is home now. I am hoping we'll watch a movie tonight called "The Chosen" It's set in WW2, which is the era we are finishing up in school. It stars Robbie Bensen. I bet you haven't heard that name in awhile. :)

Thanks to my "catch-up" day, I am ready for tomorrow. That feels good...

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