Sunday, October 26, 2014


two weeks ago today...

we were wondering how to say goodbye,

we had been welcomed

we had laughed
we had cried
we had shared
we had celebrated 
we had danced,

we had done all we had prepared,
Bible Studies
craft projects
a birthday party
a staff appreciation party,

only one thing was left, 
the hardest thing,

sad to leave, 
glad to go home,
you wonder why it's so hard 
to go "back to life",

but it's always hard to be changed
while keeping company with what is the same,

it's hard to be remember,
you don't know what's best 
for another person,
only God knows,
and you must be content
to be your part
in their story.

yours is not to write the story,
or change the ending,
that is His alone.

yours is to love,
yours is to bring hope,
yours is to do what you've been called to do.

yours is to be ready,
in case you are called upon for more.

yours is to trust God,
and his love
which is infinitely more
than anything you could hope to give.


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