Thursday, March 21, 2013


Every week, it takes me until Thursday to "get it together" schedule wise. Somebody remind to plan a VERY fun day on Monday! We may not be overly productive but if we can get through the day still smiling and liking each other, I'll call it good! 

Tuesdays I spend digging us out of Monday. I'm trying to get us on track, gritting my teeth all the way. Tuesday night usually gleams brightly for a girls night out...this week it snowed...

On Wednesday, help arrives in the form of friends who come alongside to help with the younger kids for the afternoon and give me a breather (or at least time to homeschool my teenagers more intensely). 

Thursdays? Their MAGICAL! Today we got all our homeschooling done with satisfaction, dug out playdoh with all the cookie cutters and such, played outside, watched a movie, made a new recipe for supper with rave reviews, one teen had a friend over, dad and son went to youth group, the laundry got folded and put away, everyone is content. I don't even care that the lock on the front door seems to be broken. I mean, who cares? Thursdays are MAGICAL!

Now Friday we'll visit friends in the afternoon. Then it's the weekend. Weekends are rainbows and unicorns...

So yeah, somebody remind me to do somethin' about Monday. And if it all comes crashing down, encourage me that Thursday's comin'!

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