Wednesday, February 27, 2013

*Snow* much to do!

Our second big snow storm this week is arriving as I type! I love a good snow storm! Everyone stays home, the kids love going out to play, the hot cocoa will be flowing, and the view out the window is picturesque all day! 

Besides all that, it's a chance to get some projects done around the house. And since we've only been back in the United States since January 14th, I have plenty of projects to complete! Someone recently asked me how much we had prepared our house to bring our 4 additional kids home and the answer was: NONE! It all happened too fast! The only things done were done by friends! And the plan was originally to add on to the house. Now, most of our focus is making the house work in it's present state. God could surprise us with another plan, but until then I am pretty convinced I can make this house work. It's "cozy and close". ;) Not a bad description of what "family should be", right?

So, my bedroom is a small room...about 9ft X 10ft. It's becoming a "teen girl hangout room". We have a comfy chair in there with a nice lamp and bookshelf now. Once my husband and I move out, we hope to add a daybed so it'll be nice when my oldest daughter has friends over for the day or overnight, and it can also double as a guest room. My husband and I are moving into our sunroom and using it as a bedroom. This storm will be my opportunity to:

  • Clean out the sunroom,
  • List things for sale (furniture that no longer fits our plan), 
  • Move a bureau into the girls' bedroom that is presently in the sunroom, 
  • Get a chore chart made and implemented (I think it's time),
  • Plan out the rest of the homeschool year.

It's a tall order but it is suppose to snow for at least 2 days! I think I can put a pretty good dent in the list! You see why I love snow! It forces you "in" but it's not too dangerous! :)

Long ago, years ago, I decided the weather was no longer going to be on my list of things that ruin my day or things that give me something to complain about. So I decided to find some good in every kind of weather. Hot? Visit the beach! Cool? Work outside! Freezing cold? Bundle up and snuggle under blankets! Raining? Work inside, take a break from watering the flowers or veggies! Snowing? Put on the cocoa, take pics of the kids playing outside, get a few projects done! 

"This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it." Psalm 118:24

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