Monday, November 19, 2012

A New Day

The Sunset Saturday night. :)

I wanted to make a quick post just to say that I have been blessed by the prayers of our friends, family, and even people we haven't met yet! I am thankful for phone calls from family and friends as well as notes of encouragement on Facebook. We've talked to more people in the past few days than our whole time here combined! God knows what we need and when we need it!

Today was a day out to buy a turkey in Managua. I am not sure how my oven will do cooking it but I figure if a crock pot could cook it, so can my slow cooking oven! On the way we got to drop in on friends who are also adopting and spend some time praying together. Then, we took our 4 sweeties to McDonald's since they have been asking to go and they had a great time playing on the indoor playground. 

The scenery on the way and way back from Managua was just breath taking! The volcanoes were in full view due to a crystal clear sky! I've really gotta start packing my camera! 

Thursday our littles will celebrate their first Thanksgiving and they tell us they have never eaten turkey! We'll see if they recognize it when its cooked! It's a blessing to get so many *firsts* with them. 

It was a tough weekend for me, I won't lie. But I know that I know that God is good, that He does what is best, that He knows way more than me (huge understatement!). I make myself rest in that. Our adoption is going to happen! The problems and circumstances that surround us and threaten to overtake us at times will all be resolved. We'll keep putting one foot in front of the other to follow our Good Shepherd and we'll keep searching for the hidden blessings.

One not so hidden blessing is the 4 new faces around my table this holiday season!  

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  1. I love that you are getting to experience so many firsts with your sweet children!! Praying for your adoption- that the path would be cleared and move quickly:)


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