Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Far away there are children...

Far away there are children, 4 of them, who don't know that a mommy and daddy are waiting to love them. They don't know they have a big sister and 2 big brothers and a small pup named "Dash". They don't know they have a church family who can't wait to be part of the lovin'. They don't know we're praying hard for them, filling out paperwork for them, making calls and setting up meetings and making plans for them. 

I pray every night they have a good sleep and I pray for their "every day" and I ask God to whisper hope to their hearts.I pray for their healing. I ask God to tell them that mommy and daddy are coming. And I pray it's fast...

"God sets the lonely in families..." Psalm 68:6


  1. Funny Thing... you and your hubby made a statement (about 6-7 months ago), and I have been praying ever since... The Spirit lead me to pray about your Family Changing/Growing.
    I am excited to Hear How God Continues HIS Good Work in This Undertaking/Blessing !!
    Prayers & Blessings !!

  2. This is so wonderful! Hope you are all together soon;) Can't wait to hear more on this.


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