Thursday, November 17, 2011

Attitude of Gratitude 11/17/11

I am thankful today! For...

364. Coffee

365. Calls from great friends.

366. A Thanksgiving invitation.

367. Getting to homeschool my kids.

368. Getting to help with youth ministry.

369. Meeting with friends for Bible Study.

370. Music

371. The provision of yarn for knitting.

372. The school books on our shelf. 

373. Our health.

374. Furniture to sit on. :)

375. Worship Music. So often I come to church needing refreshment, encouragement or a better attitude. The worship gets my focus off myself and onto God where it should be. The refreshment, encouragement and better attitude quickly follows!

376. Those that encourage my husband and kids.

378. Christmas decorations waiting to go up.

379. The mild November weather this year.

380. More things to be thankful for than days in a year.

381. Our vehicles.

382. A great church for our college son.

383. My Bible.

384. Restful Saturdays.

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