Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fall Touches

I love wide open spaces and clean lines. I don't mind a few pictures or paintings on my walls but too much and I start to feel claustrophobic. In other people's homes I can appreciate all kinds of decor and knick knacks, but in my own home, less is more. I do love a few season inexpensive accents though, especially if it brings the outdoors in. :)

In the living room, on the little piano...On one side a couple mini pumpkins (real, from the grocery store):
On the other side, some fresh cut dahlias from my bucket of annuals outside (we have yet to have had a killing frost!):
On top of the TV, another little mini pumpkin:
On each end table a autumn leaf candy dish (that I have a hard time remembering to buy candy for), courtesy of our local Family Dollar store:
In the dining room on the table a glass bowl full of gourds, also from the grocery store:
In the kids' media room, a cute pumpkin beside our family pic:
In the kitchen on top of the frig a bowl brimming with pine cones from our yard:
On the window sill over the sink, my "word for the year (Trust)", a candle,  and a few shells and sea glass and piece of driftwood that I found from the beach to remind me of a wonderful summer:
Just a few accents and bursts of color is all I need. They add a little happiness at a very little cost. 

How do you like to decorate for fall? Please tell! If it's on your blog, do share your link in the comments. :)

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