Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Bookshelf~Homeschool Organization

We've moved our first homeschool graduate into his college dorm and he signed up for classes today! I plan to keep my sanity with some projects around the house. Of course the first project must be organizing to begin our homeschool year. 

In my last homeschool post I talked about work boxes. I decided that magazine holders (I bought them at Walmart and you can see them here) would work best for us at this time. :) I can fit them on our bookshelf yet they will still separate out each subject. Hopefully this will prevent us from losing a small book behind a notebook. I also bought some small storage boxes. 

So here's my bookshelf tour. :) I know I'd want to see your bookshelf (hint, hint) so I show you mine! I even numbered the spots on shelves I plan to show. :) 

1. The first notebook you see (multicolor) is where I'll keep paperwork for transcripts. The second notebook is the Tapestry of Grace Teacher's Manual for the 1rst semester. 

2. Here are our computer programs/CDs for typing, vocabulary and IEW.

3. You can't tell from the picture, but this is a storage box for extra pencils, glue sticks, tape, scissors  (for timelines and such), post it notes, post it book marks. 

4. These are the books not immediately being used.

5. This shelf holds 5 magazine holders: 1 for Geometry, 1 for Algebra 1, 1 for Lit., 1 for Language Arts, 1 for History.

6. This shelf has 4 magazine holders: 2 for Greek, 1 for General Science, 1 for Physical Science.

7. This is a 2-tier shelf. On the bottom is extra lined paper, on the top are our rulers and a pencil/pen/marker holder.

8. These are ring bound empty notebooks ready for the kids to decided which will go with which subject. Then they'll be put in their subject slots.

9. Another storage box, this one is for index cards, flash cards, hole punch, and any other random classroom item.

10. These are reference books like Bibles and a Dictionary and an SAT prep book and such.

11. Here are some books I might use this year. I am still deciding but they will have to be moved at some point to fit the kids daily work notebooks (I'll be talking about those in my next post).

12. These notebooks are my Teacher's Manuals for the other semesters and my time line figures.

Voila, there you have it!! I'd love to hear about and see how others are organizing there school years! :) Do tell!!


  1. Awesome! Want to come and organize my area?

  2. Jen, I wish I could!! It's way more fun to help someone else than do my own!!

  3. Well, I think that's really neat.
    I need more shelves I think.
    How do you have a beautiful home and home school at the same time?? LOL
    I want my kitchen to be a kitchen!! Now here comes all the school stuff all over the walls. I did purchase a bulletin board, but it's rather small compared to what I need. Well, I think I need. hahaha
    You're a doing a terrific job Karen!! I need to go through my house and organize everything like you've done this bookshelf for school!!! Bravo!

  4. Linda, Well for one thing if it's a mess I don't take a picture of it LOL!!! It took me 2 days to clean up the messes I took off that shelf!!! And when my kids were young I hung stuff all over the dining room wall. Usually, now that they are older, I just have a map up. :)


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