Thursday, July 7, 2011

Thankful Thursday 7/7/2011

257. I am so thankful for the ocean beaches. I love our rocky coastline, the way seaweed covers the rocks, the smells, the waves, the sound of the foam popping, the horizon, the sand, all of it! I step out of my car and I am immediately settled and peaceful. It's dependable and it's been there for me as long as I can remember. :) 

258. I am thankful for our "Staycation" . It was the best staycation that I can remember us having.

259. I am thankful for music. The other day we were coming home from the beach and all singing to the same songs, some worship, some fun. It felt good to be together and just singing. . .

260. I am thankful for family jokes. We have our own unique sense of humor and it's fun to laugh together.

261. I am thankful my son can attend college. We'll miss him like crazy but I know it's time and God has opened the opportunity and generously provided the funds for the first year. :) Wow! In my wildest dreams I did not picture such a provision. 

262. I am thankful for our crazy dog. He really is such a great dog, a born follower! He doesn't wander off, he doesn't chase other dogs. We can sit and relax outside with him knowing he'll stay with us. 

263. I am thankful my mom is coming for a 3 week visit, arriving on Saturday. She get a good break from Florida heat. 

264. I am thankful for a friendly dental hygienist. Actually all the people at my dentist are friendly. I really dislike being there but at least everyone is pleasant to be with! ;) 

265. I am thankful for friends. They have been a steady, dependable presence in my life. 

266. I am thankful for flowers, the ones that pepper my yard and the ones elsewhere that I love to photograph. On a bad day, a good look at beauty sure does cheer me up.

267. I am thankful that we are halfway done with rearranging the kids' media room. It'll be so much neater. 

268. I am thankful that my neighbor across the street seems to find all the quiet renters for his cottage! Amazing!

269. I am thankful to get to be involved with various ministries. I am thankful my husband will get to head up Youth Ministries. 

270. So thankful for God's Word. Amazing to have the very words of God written to me and for me!! 

"Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever." Psalm 118:1

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