Saturday, July 9, 2011

My Own Little Corner *Views*

A few days ago I shared about "My Own Little Corner" , that spot where I can sit in quietness and read my Bible and pray and think a thought (or two!). Today I thought I would share my views from my own little corner on the back deck. Above is our back yard. :) It is hemmed in by trees and shrubs and, though we don't have much land, it still feels quite private.
This is my "straight ahead view". There's the grill, the flowers, and another chair in case someone would like to join me.  :)
This is the view behind me. There's a bird house on the tree closest to the middle of the photo. Can you see it? I was just thinking this morning that I'd like to paint it in bright colors. I was even thinking maybe red, white and blue! 
I have two of these flower boxes. My boys made them for me a few years ago. :) On sits by my feet and one you can see by the grill in the pic further up. :) I love to be able to see flowers!
Oh, blurry pic...but I hope you can see it. I have two hanging pots of flowers on either end of the deck. :) 

So there it is...

Now, a note about the pics I share. I feel led to share this.  A few days ago a friend noted that when she sees pics on my blog that my house always looks clean. She assumed from that, that my house is always clean. Ummmm...NOT!

You see, my blog readers are a guest in my home when I share a pic. And I always try to have a clean and tidy home when I have guests over. :) 

Whenever I take pictures, I try to tidy first if it's needed. There are even times when my kids are waiting to open their birthday gifts and we spend 5 min or so quickly tidying!! I have learned to look at the whole frame of the photo I am taking to make sure every part of it is "share-able". 

I have plenty of pics when my kids were young that look like a toy explosion happened just prior to the picture. But when your youngest is 13, things change in that area. :) 

So, yes, hopefully you are seeing a clean house. And, no, it is completely NOT always clean and tidy! I like a tidy house but I am not as good as I would like to be at keeping it that way!


  1. You know, Karen, I was wondering what was beyond your "Own Little Spot", so thanks for sharing that. You must just love being surrounded by those big, beautiful trees. Yes, painting the bird house would be a great idea. Make sure you post it when you do paint it. Thanks also for your nice little note on my blog. I also enjoy reading your Thankful Thursday posts. Have a worshipful tomorrow!

  2. Thanks Gen, you have a worshipful Sunday too! :) :)


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