Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Homekeeper's Journal~It's back! :)

This week in my kitchen...My mom is here so I am cooking for her too which is no biggie, plus I am planning food for Tyler's graduation party that is on Friday night! My biggest challenge is having a fairly small frig and freezer but I praise God for his blessings that make them feel fairly small!

My gardening thoughts this week...I thankful for a rainy week because it's finally time to plant in Maine and I really don't have time this week but the rain makes me feel better about it!! I really need to fertilize my raised bed and do a little research to see how much I can cram in there. Last year it was half flowers. Not this year...all veggies...and just the flowers that get rid of bugs. I may put wire fencing over the garden as we have deer these days.
I've thought about putting in another small garden and adding on a little each year. We'll see if it can happen this year...

What I'd like to can, freeze, or put up this year...I'd love to put up locally grow fruits and veggie but I haven't figured it all out to know if it's possible.

My plans for my home this summer...I really want to paint my kitchen cabinets and spruce up my deck.

This positively has to be done to my home this year...A DEEP declutter getting rid of everything we don't really, really need. I am hoping to do this all next week so I can donate it to a yard sale that is happening. I told my husband we're moving out...then once the boxes are gone we'll stay!! 

Want to join in? Visit The Christian Homekeeper Network and get started!! I'll see you over there... 


  1. I can help you with the freezing of fruits and veggies! It's super easy, and I'd love to share the knowledge with you!

  2. Thanks Laurie!! I might need to look into a separate freezer for the basement! :) Maybe we could get some ladies together and make jam. That would be so fun!! :)


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