Friday, April 1, 2011

All Bet's are Off~Snowy April Fools!

Happy April Fools Day from Maine!! This is the scene I woke up to this morning with 8-15 inches of fresh snow in the forecast! 
The trees are very pretty but heavy laden. This could mean power outages. I am praying like crazy that God would bless us with sustained electricity. 

I have the laundry flowing and the dishwasher running (even though it wasn't totally full yet) so that we don't have dirty dishes and clothes to deal with in an outage. It always makes me feel better to lose power in a CLEAN house vs. a dirty one!! LOL!!

It also meant a monster breakfast of chocolate chip pancakes, scrambled eggs (not shown as they were already being consumed) turkey bacon, and pork bacon. It's kind of a "let's use as much electricity as we can while we have it" mentality! Rachel worked alongside me in the kitchen, scrambling up the eggs. I love having her in there with me! What a blessing that my kids can work with me. All those years of teaching them to do things around the house sure does pay off in the teen years!! (Don't give up, you moms of young children!!)

High on the priority list when we shovel out will be a path to the grill and keeping it cleaned off. If the power does go out, we'll definitely be grilling. I've never grilled in a blizzard before. I just might whether we have power or not. It just sounds like a great adventure!!

I also lifted screen restrictions. The kids have very little school work left for the week, so I let them watch a movie before doing school (normally a BIG no-no!!). But I figure they should save their non-screen entertainment and that we could just do our schoolwork in spurts through the day, just so long as they know it's just for this one special occasion! 

For now I am enjoying the hum of my mechanical "handmaids", praying they don't take the rest of the day off!! :) 

What are you doing on this Fabulous Friday April Fools Day??


  1. Hello Karen,
    We, too, are surrounded by white! Our power has flickered several times...yet we still have electricity as of right now. My mom just called...and they are OUT! Which means that there is a tree down between here and their house (just down the road) so the boys are headed out to explore and to get their generator going. We don't have a generator, just the woodstove and a spring for water, so I, like you, am praying for the power to stay on! I've done a ton of laundry...and cooked up a storm...our trees are very heavy at the moment. What an April Fools! Despite being sooooooo ready for spring, it sure does look pretty on the water today...the wind is whipping up the whitecaps, and the snow-covered trees are absolutely beautiful. Spring in Maine...just wait a moment and the weather will change! We'll be wishing for this again when the blackflies and mosquitoes land!

    Have a blessed weekend,

  2. Hi Laura!
    I hope your electricity stayed on!! Ours did and I am so thankful!! :) It was pretty and it's melting already.
    You are right about the black flies and mosquito's. I love seeing the dragon flies come out!!
    I think we get a good storm every April!!
    Have a great weekend, Laura! Thanks for stopping by!!


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