Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Double Blessing Day

My window/flower box is sitting there on the deck covered in snow... It won't be long when it will be full of flowers!

I wrote a new article for Christan Homekeepers today. It's called "But a Good Word..." and it's about overcoming anxiety. You can read it here.  :)

I love Wednesdays because my Bible Fellowship Group meets on Wednesday nights. We have a great time every week talking over the Bible/the weeks sermon and visiting together. 

Today I got a double blessing, though, and got to visit a Ladies Group this morning with a friend. We had a great time visiting and laughing and snacking. :) I came home and the kids were almost done with school and I only had to help them finish up. 

We're reading this book on Brother Andrew:

It's a really great book!! I think I saw Brother Andrew speak when I was young. If it wasn't him, it was definitely someone who worked with him. When you're young you can see someone and not realize the significance of it! Anyone, it seems most of the missionary stories I am reading this year point to the fact that God can use every circumstance of your life to guide you to where he wants you. AND, even when the circumstances make something seem impossible, nothing is impossible with God!! 

In Andrew's story, he didn't graduate from High School and it seemed he couldn't become a missionary because of it. But, God is never thwarted! I love these true stories of overcoming obstacles to serve God. They are such a faith builder for me!

I hope you all have a Wonderful Wednesday! :) 

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