Wednesday, February 2, 2011

*Snow Day*

It's a snowy day today in Maine and even the birds are snowed in!! Hopefully they enjoyed watching the snow gently fall as much as I did...
Here's the grill I asked my husband to leave on the deck through the winter because I was SURE I was going to keep grilling through the winter this year. ...guilty smile...
There's a wee bit of ice hanging off our roof. When I was young I used to snap these babies off and call them a snack. As an adult I realize my roof is probably not clean enough to eat the frozen water that runs down it. ...eewww...
Unfortunately or fortunately (depending on how you look at it), snow does not stop us from homeschooling. :) I have been  known to take off for beach days when we get those early hot days in May. But a snow day is a good day for school (she said, hoping her kids don't read her blog). 
We do have some snowy treats though. There's nothing like hot soup on a day like today...warm and comforting! This is from the batch of Zuppa Toscana Soup that I made at lunchtime today. Did you know that The Olive Garden has many of their recipes on their website? Here is the recipe for this soup: Zuppa Toscana . I used a different recipe. I have half the broth (smaller batch) and use 6 slices of  bacon and about 1/3 pound of sausage. I also use chicken broth not boullion. I don't really like boullion.

What are your snowy days like?

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