Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Homekeeper's Journal 2/15/11

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Today's is on "Springtime Plans". Yep, it's dreamin' time!! :) 

In my kitchen I plan to...Well today I cleaned out the frig and I thought I heard a faint "Hallelujah Chorus" coming from somewhere... This spring I plan to repair and paint my cupboards. What color?? I don't know yet! :P

Plans with the children...Let's see...Tyler is going to Nicaragua in April and then graduating from High School in May. The rest of us are going to work on being thankful and not thinking too much about him leaving our warm nest! Hopefully we'll focus on lots of family fun times!

Plans with the husband...Same as above? Plus we'll throw in some time alone on dates and some home decorating/improvements. Bring on the "honey-do" list!! *wink* *wink*. 

Plans for my house...Well there's those kitchen cabinets...and paint the upstairs hallway, the boys' bedroom, and the ceilings (as many as possible). There's some finishing touches that are being planned for Rachel's room too. 

Garden plans...Hmmm...good question...I love to plant lots of flowers especially annuals. I usually try growing tomatoes, cukes, and banana peppers (or some sort of other pepper for my husband). In my area you can't grow many veggies straight from the ground but need a raised bed.

Other plans...There's always plenty to do with my church friends/family. Usually once spring hits we start meeting at the playground so the moms can visit and the kids can have some fun. Hopefully we'll plan some fruitful outreaches. I am sure my husband will plan some vacation time...we haven't thought too much about it yet. :) Vacations are pretty fun no matter what we do! :) 

Your turn!!!

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