Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011~What Do You Have to Lose??

This video I share is Brit Nicole singing "Walk on the Water". Please listen, you won't be sorry!!

It's a new year and a new beginning!! I am so excited about what this year CAN bring!! The questions I have to ask myself are: "What do I have to lose? What am I afraid of? What's stopping me?"

The past few months I have been plagued with the questions: "Is this IT? I am at my full potential? Is THIS all I am? Should I just STOP here and be CONTENT with what has been accomplished so far?" I had my weeks where I thought "yes".

But you know what? I was WRONG! Until I am dead and buried, this is never IT and there is always MORE. The question isn't: "Does God have more for me?" The question is: "Will I radically trust Him and step OUT?!"

Before I share my goals that look infinitally small in spite of what is available for doing I wanted to make myself myself and then to the world for accountability. My goals reflect a desire to organize myself and get myself in a position that no matter WHAT God asks me to do, I'll be freed up and ready. Who really cares about a clean house if it sits unused? Who cares about organized finances if the money has no eternal purpose? Who cares about a healthy body that does nothing of eternal significance? I am like grass. I will be here today and the wind will blow and I'll be gone tomorrow. If it's all for *me* it is a life thoroughly wasted.

I am reminding myself today that I need to risk, have faith, and keep repenting. I need to risk failing and being wrong and looking stupid. I need to have faith that as I step off that cliff that God won't let me crash. I need to have faith that when He calls me to do something He is ultimately the One showing up for the doing. I need to be ready to repent when I've got it wrong, done it wrong and messed up. I need to be ready to ask forgiveness and turn and move in the opposite direction. Turning is always away from *self* and toward *Jesus.*
I've got some dear friends stepping out in big ways. I've got kids in my house ready to step out in big ways. I don't know yet where I am suppose to be stepping but until I know I'll be getting myself ready for any open door and be ready to take that biggest step.

Which brings me to my first order of business for the new first memory verse! Drum roll please:
Isaiah 48:17~"This is what the Lord says--your Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel: I am the Lord your God, who teaches you what is best for you, who directs you in the way you should go."

What is God telling you in this sparkling new year? What is the first verse you would like to memorize? Please...share!!!

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