Thursday, January 23, 2014

Aren't They Lucky?

"They're so lucky," the well meaning one said concerning the children that were adopted. It's meant to be a compliment and a blessing, but the adoptive mom's heart pauses and sometimes tries not to bristle...

Because...when she had her biological children everyone told her SHE was the *lucky* or blessed one...

Because she's praying for the healing of these little hearts who have lost their parents, their culture, their ethnic identity, their language, their country, their friends...

But aren't we the ones shouting to the rooftops...

That there's between 135 and 183 million children in the world with no mommy or daddy to tuck them in or kiss their boo-boos?

That statistics show that too many who are not adopted will end up on the streets, in jail, or engaging in prostitution? 

That children without parents are vulnerable to more injustice, abuse, and human trafficking?

Didn't we post countless songs from YouTube declaring that all those kids wanted for Christmas was someone to call mom and dad?

Didn't we share images of rooms full of cribs and babies in them not being cuddled?

And isn't it all TRUE?

And aren't we advocating for others to bring these kids HOME? 

And don't we want to bring countless more kids into our own home because the need is so great?

So...out of the 135,000,000+ kids sitting in orphanages, foster homes, or on the streets...THESE kids are in a home with a forever family...

So yeah, people might say their *blessed* or even *lucky*...

So I'll remember to have grace and that it's okay to remind the world that I am also blessed by these amazing people I get to call "my children", but that I've got to choose my message and not be offended when those I shouted it to actual GOT the message I was sending...

"God sets the lonely in families..." ~Psalm 68:6


  1. If there were even such a thing as luck I would say YOU are the lucky one. You have been able to
    do what so many of us who wanted to cannot. I would say you decided that you did not want an empty nest and the Lord filled it for you and for that YOU are blessed!!!!

    Helen C.


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