Friday, March 8, 2013

A Homeschool Mother's Journal

In my life this week…It's been a quiet week, mostly at home. Our van helped us stay home since it only starts when it "feels" like it! Today it'll go in the shop. 

In our homeschool this week…My teen daughter, Rachel, started a Literature/Writing Homeschool class that she loves, my elementary kids (Fransua, Crisia, Ivon and Eva) wrapped up learning about the continents, my teen son (Christian) is finally spending time at his drum set more (something about crashing and loud music relaxes him). 

Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share…Do what you can do TODAY, teach what you can teach TODAY. Tomorrow has it's own troubles and triumphs and is best left until tomorrow. :) 

Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…Um...well...the younger children DID get to go swimming at the neighborhood indoor pool with Papa even though they walked home since the van "decided" not to start!

My favorite thing this week was…having 3 dear friends over today. It had been FAR too long! We hadn't gotten together since BEFORE I left for Nicaragua!!! 

Things I’m working on…I'm planning a unit on "Our Bones" (they did the organs already and another unit on our Planets. I am also working on High School Astronomy and trying to get a project started there. 

What is going well in our homeschool...Due to the language barrier with my younger 4 children, I am slowed down. We're spending more time on the basics. We're cementing Math Concepts and making sure they have their Math facts down before moving on. With my older kids I was always in a hurry to move on and I think it did hurt them in the end, especially with Math. I am slowed down now, and I think actually going the pace that is appropriate! 

I’m cooking…I made a new recipe this week: Steak Fajitas. It came out good! I was making it for a friend and will add it to our menu next week! My friend was very gracious about trying a recipe I had never actually MADE before! ;) 

I’m grateful for…So tonight my kids are playing SO.VERY.QUIETLY. And because the house is so quiet, they are whispering when they talk. Strange...but lovely!

I’m praying for…oh, so many things. Mostly that God would move in the hearts of each member of my family so that we would move in complete unity and always be ready to do His will together!

A photo, video, link, or quote to share…Our Continents!

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