Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Homeschool Journey

We've been home from Nicaragua for a month now. It feels like longer and when I think about the fact that it's only been a month it makes me feel a whole lot better about what has been accomplished! 

There's a huge learning curve to teaching English as a Second Language AND schooling in "normal subjects" at the same time. I'm trying to access academic levels, I'm trying to help them to move forward academically, and teaching them English. It's a slow process. 

Sunday a friend encouraged me to give them time and loads of patience and to not judge their academic levels by what I am seeing "right now." They are under a lot of stress from changing countries, cultures and hearing constant English, not even to mention being adopted and living in a family! I was suspicious that I was seeing stress and some "blanking out" but I SO needed a confirmation!! The thought was a dim thought in the back of my mind that I was dismissing. Now it is up front and I am paying attention!! Other signs of stress include stomach and headaches and clumsiness. Someone always is suffering from at least one it seems. 

I've been ditching school at least one day a week, sometimes two so they can play with other kids. They need friends (as do I!) and I think other kids can help them way more with their English than I can. Added, playing with other kids will give motivation to LEARN English. 

Today I tried doing school for my 4 youngest in the morning rather than in the afternoon as we were. I find in the afternoon if we don't get to it fast enough everyone is yawning. Perhaps if this keeps working we can do our school work in the morning and play with friends in the afternoon. I just keep trying schedules, hopeful at some point to find one that works! 

I hope to get a good schedule nailed down for my two high schooled kids so that we can fill in the younger children in the morning too. The trick is getting everyone one (8 of us) in and out of the shower (1 shower) early. My three little girls like Mama near for shower time/hair styling and in the name of "bonding" I haven't tried to make them independent. 

I don't know if this particular post is for any one but me...but let me tell you this...within the chaos (and there is plenty) my goal is to demonstrate "love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control." It's a tall order. I can't do it myself. I am crying out to God to make in me THAT person that displays THOSE qualities. They're called the "fruits of the SPIRIT" for a reason, that is FOR SURE! My pastor talked on Sunday about calling out to God to develop those qualities that please Him. I've taken it to heart. There's this woman I want to be. I want to be her when I meet God face to face. I sure can't do it on my own. I fail numerous times a day and I am crying out to my God throughout the day for help. 

I can make my life about schedules and homeschooling and the "doing" that God has called me to BUT all of that is really more about living out His call in my life and doing it His way! He uses these things to conform me to the image of His Son. When I get lost in the details and forget what life is really about, I am quickly a "heap of mess." But I am thankful I can call out to God to clean me up and set me straight and get me moving again in the right direction!! 

My verse for the week...for life really...
"Lord, you establish peace for us; all that we have accomplished you have done for us." Isaiah 26:12

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