Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Homekeeper's Journal 5/25/2011

In My Kitchen this Week...Because we do a lot of grilling in the summer, when I buy my meat I will wrap them individually and freeze them in freezer bags. Then I can take out each person's preference, thaw it out and marinade, and throw it on the grill. I don't do this every night, but at least a couple of nights a week.

Doing this and that...I am mostly decluttering this week, but it's also time to buy my annuals and get some veggies planted so I am planning for that. I have details for a marriage conference to nail down, a few details for my son's college entrance (like his final transcript, for example) and summer fun to plan. :) 

We're getting geared up for summer by...Last night we bought the kids the shorts they need, and in a few days we'll go back out for bathing suits. Our most exciting purchase this week was kayaks for the kids! :) I am looking forward to them being able to go kayaking on our lake this summer! We need to clean up the yard and plant. :)

My summer plans include...Time with family, time with friends, time on the beach and at the lake, BBQ's and campfires, church ministries and outreaches. My mom will come for the month of July. We'll also be getting our son ready to start college!! :) 

The weather has been...Cold and rainy, but the weatherman tells me the warm weather has started and will stay...woohooo!! :) 

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  1. I hope you enjoy your Summer Hun, we are gearing up for Winter here; however if you where here you wouldn't beleive it! LOL!!!

  2. I probably wouldn't,lol!! When I am totally sick of winter I love to look at the blogs of my Aussie friends and see their spring into summer pics!! :) :)


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