Monday, April 4, 2011

Mah-va-lous Monday!

We've been spending our day "getting back to normal today" after Robin (my husband) and Tyler (17 year old son) spent a 3-day weekend visiting Liberty University. We did our homeschool day and then just kind of caught up with each other and even ourselves. :) 

Over the years my husband has had to travel for his job and I have slowly developed my own "survival skills" for when he is gone. Of course, when he first started travelling the kids were much younger and it was so much tougher on all of us. They had no concept of time and only knew dad was gone. I was exhausted by the demands of being the sole parent 24/7. 

I used to make lots of plans and try to keep the kids busy. But then they'd end up so fried that it would backfire completely on me. I learned to strike a balance that kept their own rhythm and schedule of the day and night so we didn't all crash and burn when Robin got home. Poor guy...he'd be exhausted and greeted by a frazzled overly needy family. I also figured out that, for me, I needed to be home and settled in the house once darkness was falling. Let's face it, it's not easy to sleep when your spouse is gone. Making superhuman plans does NOT help!! 

I quickly learned to cut some corners (paper plates, simple meals), plan enough to keep us occupied but not kill us, and to schedule time for me to rejuvenate myself. Two ways that I find really help to relax and revive me is to spend a couple of hours a day knitting or reading a good book. That mental break makes all the difference in my stamina and attitude. 

I love being with my family! It's tough when one or more of us are missing but oh so sweet once we're all together again!! There's nothing like putting my head to my pillow at the end of the day knowing everyone is safely tucked in their beds! :)  

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  1. Thanks for sharing. Barrett doesn't travel, but with working ball games and the kids staying with his dad on school nights - we to struggle with striking a good balance.


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