Saturday, March 5, 2011

Work 'n Rest & Work 'n Rest

I love a day at home when I can move at my own pace through the day. I always have lots of projects in my mind that I would like to do and I am rarely restless or bored. My favorite pace is to work and rest, and work and rest. Repeat...repeat...repeat!

I'd love to blame the chronic pain in my back and I do have to admit that it is my back that often reminds me that it's time for a rest period. BUT, that pattern also works with my personality.

If you picture a huge table with everything that needs to be done in a day, I like to work my way around the table with a few minutes on project 1, then project 2 then project 3, etc. and then I go back to 1, then 2, and so on until everything is done. I know, crazy right? But it keeps me so content and keeps me from feeling in over my head!

When I was a young single girl in the working world, my bank manager did not appreciate this quality at all. All my projects would be out at once since they were all partially done and I would be cycling through them. They'd all get done too. But he or she wanted me to start one project and work until completed and then go to the next project. Apparently that is how the rest of the world works! haha!!

So, on a Saturday at home, I can awaken and make the coffee, then read, then start laundry, then knit, then load the dishwasher, then visit the internet, then fold a load of laundry, then write a shopping list, then wash the pans, then work on a ministry project, then fold another load of laundry, then read, then clean the kitchen floor, then knit, then wipe down furniture in the living room, then fold laundry, and so on through the day!

Now there are those times where I have to work until completion. Fortunately, most the time I enlist some really good help (aka, my kids) and they work 'til completion while I flit (or putter) around cleaning this and that. :)

For now, a list helps me remember all I left behind so that it gets finish. And there are those times where I just have to put on my big girl pants and just work like the rest of the population. But I sure am thankful to get to be a homebody and to set my own schedule without a manager telling me I am doing it all wrong! Thankfully, if my husband has noticed my strange pattern of life he doesn't mention it. But when I invite him into my little circle he does always ask for a list. :) So maybe he's onto me after all...

Gotta's time to fold some laundry!

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