Monday, March 21, 2011

Marvy Monday :)

It's a Marvy Monday! I awoke looking forward to the day and isn't that half the battle? I knew it would be a day 100% at home and I love to be home! I don't need to venture out much and when I do, I need there to be a good reason or a good friend on the other end of the trip!

The day usually starts with a good, hot cup of coffee. My coffee maker has a setting on it that allows me to control the temperature so I have it pretty hot! My husband made the coffee and that made it taste so much better. Everything I don't have to make seems to taste better! ;)

We start the day with Bible. We're reading through the book of Luke as a family and I am really enjoying it. I love to read about Jesus!!

My new "special" breakfast that I like to have once or twice a week is an omelet. I like to just put the egg down and then throw whatever veggies I can find on it with a bit of cheese. Today had me craving mushrooms, which we don't have, but broccoli and black olives and green onions worked very nicely.

Sometimes Mondays can be a challenge on the homeschool front. Today was no exception and we kept falling into moments of silliness. Somehow we managed to get all our work done! I spend half my time joining in and half my time saying, "No, really, stop it! We've gotta get this done!" OY!

It snowed today... Yes, it's the first full day of spring. I'll tell you a secret...I still enjoyed it!! It was (and IS) so pretty as it comes down softly and clings to the trees. I really can't resist watching...

It seems only right to take a few last pictures! Soon it will be gone and will be replaced by flowers! I'd be lying if I didn't say I am excited for spring but I am enjoying these last looks back at winter.

I found a new "To-Do" List here at the Idea Room . It has 6 squares of lists on one page all of different colors. I liked it because I could use a square for each person and write the chores for everyone on one sheet. The colors attracted me! I am all about COLORS!
I am adding one extra chore per day to everyone's list. It's amazing what can be accomplished when everyone gets just ONE extra chore!
For extra chores today:
1. Downstairs radiators were wiped down.
2. The living room was vacuumed including under the couch/love seat cushions and under the couch.
3. The living room floor was washed.
4. The media room was dusted.

It feels good to work on the "extra's"!

I got some studying and writing done today as well so that felt good too. Now it's time for a blanket and a good book!

How was your day? I'd love to hear all about it!!


  1. Where do you live? Oh goodness, I'm so glad its already nice and warm here with no snow! I love snow, but we got a lot more last year and the early this year to do! :D


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