Monday, January 24, 2011

It's a Great Time for a Good Book!!

Today is a great day to read. It is frigid outside and the kind of day you want wrap yourself in a cozy blanket. I was blessed to receive a book in the mail yesterday that I ordered: "Harry Bentley's Second Sight." It was wonderful to be prepared! :) 

I thought I would share some of my favorite fictional books in case anyone else is looking for something to read. Before I start though, allow me to point out that if you have a daughter between the ages of 11 and 13, my daughter Rachel wrote about the books she loved in 2010 on her blog. Here is a link to that post:
GirlzoFaith   (She lists movies first and then books so just scroll down.)

I have two series that I have been reading over the past few years that have really been my favorites. The first and most life changing to me was:
"The Yadda Yadda Prayer Group" series by Neta Jackson. This series changed my prayer life forever. I am not one to read a book twice but I would consider reading this series again!! The characters are endearing, the storylines captivating and the spiritual example of faith and prayer were so encouraging. Love it, love it!! There are 7 books in the series which is great news if you tend to read books quickly.
THEN when you are done with those you can start her "House of Hope" series. New characters blend together with beloved favorites from Yadda Yadda to soothe the desire for more. Dave Jackson, Neta's husband, is writing a parallel series from man's point of view: "Harry Bentley's Second Chance" and "Harry Bentley's Second Sight" (This is the one I just received. You can see the cover on my Shelfari in my sidebar). 

My second favorite but also quite wonderful is: "The Redemption Series", "The Firstborn Series", and "The Sunrise Series" all by Karen Kingsbury. These all have the same characters in them. Karen is great at using real life situations woven with deep faith in Christ. They are not hollow love stories with all "happily ever after" plotlines. It's true life, sometimes painful to read, but you are always glad you did. I also really loved her "911 Series." (I am all about a series because I am always sad to finish a book. I like knowing there is more waiting for me!)

You can buy these where ever you normally buy books like Amazon or Christian Books. What's your favorite "cozy on the couch" fiction??


  1. I love Amish fiction books. Beverly Lewis is my favorite author although I've read others, too. There's nothing like getting cozy with a good book when it's cold outside! Or reading on the deck in the spring... By the ocean in the summer... LOL I just love reading!

  2. Haha!! You are right Trish, any season is a good time for a great book!! I love reading too!! I do try to go as slow as I can through a book, but it's hard!! We've been considering a Kindle but I am afraid downloading a book would be a tad too easy and I would be very dangerous to the budget!! LOL!! :)


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