Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Homekeepers Journal

If you would like to join in on The Home Keeper's Journal you can visit The Christian Homekeeper at: www.christianhomekeeper.org . Sylvia has even set up an McLinky so that you can enter your blog address and others can visit you! I am glad it's back! Here goes:

In My Winter Kitchen: I am definitely utilizing the crock pot more and planning hot, homemade soups. This month though, I am trying to organize my menu planning so that I am not constantly dreaming up menus. Since I hibernate in winter, the less thinking I need to do the better!! ;)

The Hardest Part About Winter in My Household is: PAYING to keep it warm!! Another hard thing is keeping the house from looking like a clutter bomb went off since we're home more. Oh and keeping the mittens and snow clothes dry and ready for another trip outside!

My Favorite Winter Time Meal is: Hot homemade soups! And though it's not a meal...let's just say that winter is not an optimum time to try to give up coffee!!

I do/do not tend to be depressed in the Winter: I do NOT get depressed in the winter. I used to when I was younger because I would pine away for spring and summer. But as I have grown older I have grown to appreciate winter. It is my season of rest. I can go all out from spring to fall and then look forward to shorter days and being trapped in with winter storms. I plan for it, having good books ready and supplies for indoor hobbies.

A Favorite Winter Activity My Family Enjoys is: We like to play board games and we like to watch good movies. Bring on the stove popped popcorn!! The kids love to sled and ice skate. With my back being bad, I can't do much of that anymore. But I can make the hot cocoa and dry the snow clothes and be the photographer! :)

To Help My Home Look and Feel Inviting in Winter: There's lots of blankets around, we try to keep things tidy, I light vanilla scented candles, and we're sure to keep inviting good friends over! Friends alway make my home feel warm and inviting! :)

How I dress to stay warm: I love a good hoodie and I am addicted to warm socks and slippers!!

One Really Important Health Rule for the Winter I'd Like to Share: Wash your hands, use purell, get plenty of rest, take vitamins, and keep EmergenC on hand! I think lots of laughter helps too!!



  1. Wow, I wish I wouldn't get depressed during winter. I guess living where you do, you get used to it. Have a great week! I have my journal posted at: http://thoughtsofaworkingmom.com

  2. Jen, it has been a long, painful journey to live outside of seasonal depression and other depression too. I pray God carries you through this journey and out to the other side to complete healing.


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