Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Finding Peace During the Holidays

The tree is decorated, the lights are up, the presents are slowly being purchased. But still, there's an underlying feeling of being rushed, of stress. I am trying to nip it!! So here's some reminders, even if they're just for me! ;)

~I'm reminding myself that all celebrations take great preparation. There's nothing wrong with preparation taking my TIME. It's an offering of love on my part.

~I'm reminding myself that it's not all about ME. (I actually need that reminder often...throughout the year...not just at Christmastime!)

~I'm reminding myself that usually every morning for the whole week after Christmas me and my coffee cup have a date in front of the Christmas tree, breathing and reading the Bible and soaking in the memories of another great Christmas spent with my husband and kids.

~I'm reminding myself to take a few moments every day to come apart and be alone and pray to God. A few deep cleansing breaths never hurt either!

~I'm reminding myself to focus on doing the *next thing* rather than letting myself think of all that needs to be done over the next couple of weeks in one lump. Inch by inch, it's a cinch...

~I'm reminding myself to be thankful and count my blessings. :)

~I'm reminding myself to lighten up that everything that needs to be done is fun if I keep the right attitude.

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